Our Dream:

To build human happiness, create hope for an evolving future, and preserve the peace of nature.

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Value Creation:

A company that does its best for a better environment and future for humans.

  • We have over 25 years of experien able to help you.
  • Start building with us.

Contact Us

See contact information below.

239 Dan Water Rd., Commerce, GA 30530
Call: +1 (770) 687 – 4140
e-Mail: info@hsc.dev

Business Part

We can undertake most types of construction work.

  • Steel Structure
  • Wall: Polyurethane Panel, Grass wool panel
  • Roof: TPO, Steel sheet
  • Piping: Plumbing, Heavy wall, Utility
  • Production equipment
  • Automated warehouse
author by D. Ji